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For Therapists

Monthly Full-Service

As a mental health therapist, you can find businesses that will submit insurance claims, complete client billing, run your payroll, manage your waitlist, or market your practice.  We want to provide all of that for you, in one place.  While also sending you a weekly run-down of your upcoming: appointments, continuing education opportunities, business and professional license renewals. 

For Telehealth Clinicians 

For clinician's that are exclusively telehealth, we have an option for you to rent office-space hourly. You can reserve a time and see a patient in-person for an Intake, then move back online for your future sessions.  We'll also provide a managed PO Box for your mail. 

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Practice Streamlining

If you need assistance in making your practice processes more efficient, we will consult with you to develop a plan that will decrease headaches and set you up for future success. We know we can blow your socks off with Practice Streamlining and you'll want us to stick around for our monthly services. 

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In our Monthly Full-Service we offer general marketing.  If you'd like to get more creative with Advanced Marketing techniques, we can add that onto your service list, for the duration of your choosing. Tired of making sure your bills are paid on-time?  Don't worry.  We have you covered with an Add-On there too. If you don't see a task you're looking for, recommend it to us.  We're flexible and happy to help.


Phone System/Fax 

(Flat Rate)

We’ll provide you with a secure phone and fax number to communicate effectively and securely.


License/Business Management

(Flat Rate)

Don’t want to think about payroll, quarterly taxes, scheduling continuing education, etc? We have you covered. We'll take care of everything, short-of end-of-year taxes. 


Self-Pay Service Billing

(Caseload Dependent)

You don’t like managing money after each session?  We’ll send out invoices and collect payments for you.  If clients need assistance with it, we can walk them through how to submit a super bill. 


General Marketing

(Flat Rate)

Get professional headshots and a bio review listed on your website, and Google My Business. We would be happy to build both. 



(Caseload Dependent)

Let us ensure client information is entered and ready-to-go before your first session.  Allow us to create forms for you to utilize, making your documentation run smoothly.  


Insurance Submission

(Caseload Dependent)

Wouldn’t you like to know your sessions were just submitted, taken care of, so you were paid for the work you do?  We have you from the first benefit check to every EOB after.  We’ll bill patients/clients for services as well.


Business Liason

(Flat Rate)

Tired of making calls between sessions, over lunch, or at home? Seen Co. will get in touch with lawyers, accountants, etc. 


Waitlist and Scheduling

(Caseload Dependent)

Tired of taking constant waitlist inquiries and filling spots on your own? Let us help.  Tell us when you’re reducing/increasing sessions, discharging, or have a cancellation.


Practice Streamline

(One-Time Fee)

This is a one-time service that allows us to change-up your systems, streamlining them to lay a foundation for future business practices. 

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